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We have a Room for Everyone

  funky rooms designed for adventurers 

A few things you should know while scrolling through these photos: our hostel rooms are simple and some  are very small. This is an old building we renovated into the hostel, and it still maintains all that old building size and magic. Our rooms don't lack in personality, but if you're used to traveling with everything you own, you may want to stay elsewhere. We promise good vibes, an immaculately clean space, and really fun common areas to enjoy and explore Portland, Maine from!

We have 13 bathrooms in the hostel allowing a great ratio of people per bath.  The bath are all private style -with one toilet, one shower and one sink in each.  Many rooms have shared bathrooms, so be sure to read the descriptions.

Remember: we do not have an elevator!

If you book a bed in a dorm room and would like to reserve a lower bunk, please shoot us an email and let us know your preference. We can't guarantee a lower bunk, but we will do our best.

ground floor

The Enterprise


This room is located on the ground level and consists of two sets of bunk beds with full size mattresses. The room includes an en suite bathroom with roll in shower and is ADA compliant.


This room may be booked as a dorm, meaning you reserve a single bed in a shared room with 4 people, or as a private space, sleeping a total of 8 people!  It is a "WICKED BAHGEN"  for a group stay!

Please note that this room is located off our common area which can be loud on the weekends.

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2nd floor

The Lemur Room

One of our favorite rooms, this 2nd floor room consists of one full sized bed and an en suite bathroom. It sleeps up to two and is ultra cozy with that little bit of jungle magic too. Happy little lemurs adorn the ceiling and climb freely among hibiscus flowers.


This is a private room and is perfect for a couple or lone traveler.


2nd floor

Hey Ladies !

For the ladies only, this second floor room includes 4 twin bunk beds. You can reserve your bed in this shared room with up to 8 other folks. Butterfly wallpaper makes this cozy bunk room extra dreamy, and fluffy linens ensure a dream-filled sleep.

Bonus: an en suite bathroom just for the ladies.


2nd floor

Triple Trouble

We're getting funky in this blue triple room that sleeps up to three people with a twin bed over a full bunk. This is a private room with access to a private -style hall bath, shared with one other room. 

Come explore Portland with your friends!


2nd floor

Buddies Double

The coziest, mellowest and tiniest of private rooms, Buddies Double is a private room that sleeps two people on a twin bunk bed. Perfect for friends traveling together, or siblings looking for some space.

This is a small room, but rest-assured, it has everything you need: beds!

This is a private room with access to a private-style hall bath, shared with one other room.


2nd floor

Fish Six

This 2nd floor room consists of one full sized bed and an en suite bathroom.  It sleeps two.  This is a private room and is perfect for a couple or lone traveler.

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2nd floor

Fish Six

Typically sleeping with the fishes is a bad thing, but not in Fish Six! This second floor room consists of three bunk beds, sleeping up to 6 people and includes an en suite bathroom just for you and the six. 


She's great for small groups of friends and can be booked as a private room or a shared female dorm.

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Berlin Grafitti.png

Third floor

Professor Booty

A coed mixed dorm room ideal for the budget-conscious traveler, this third floor room includes 4 bunk beds and is shared with up to 8 guests.

This room has access to three private-style hall bathrooms.



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Third floor

Jimmy James


Our most sophisticated room consisting of a twin over a full bunk bed, and sleeping up to three people. 


This room has access to three private-style hall bathrooms.


Third floor


This is one of our most beloved rooms!


This tiny private room has a full-sized bed. It is perfect for a solo traveler looking to find their zen, or a couple who doesn't mind getting cozy.


This room has access to three private-style hall bathrooms.


Fourth Floor

Nathaniel Hornblower

Welcome to the top floor. It's cool up here! The Nathaniel Hornblower room is our most spacious shared COED/mixed dorm consisting of four twin bunk beds, and accommodates eight guests.


This room has an ensuite bathroom, just for the folks in the room, and you have access to two additional private-style hall bathrooms.

This room is perfect for a budget conscious traveler looking to make some new friends! 


Fourth Floor


A colorful private room with a full over full bunk bed that sleeps up to 4 people.


Ideal for friends or couples. Book a stay in WOW and enjoy this cozy and colorful private room. This room has access to two private-style hall bathrooms.


Fourth Floor


This private room is perfect for a small group of friends. With two twin bunk beds, this room sleeps up to four guests.

This room has access to two private-style hall bathrooms.


third floor

The Sweet

The ultimate stay in Portland, The Sweet is located on the Third Floor. It is a   full-on studio-style apartment with your own kitchen, private bathroom, queen bed, and our favorite part: porches overlooking the hostel's 420-friendly garden.


Perfect for solo travelers or couples looking for a little more space and coziness without missing the hostel vibe.


Wooowww. Look at all these bathrooms!
  Don't be nervous if your room doesn't have its own bathroom. We have 13 private-style bathrooms to share & hall sinks.  

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We look forward to meeting you!

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