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ummm... because it is awesome!

Portland offers a wide variety of noteworthy and award winning restaurants, activities, and shopping opportunities. It is a walkable, fun and artsy city and we are happy to have Maine College of Art (MECA) at its heart. Portland is home to many galleries, theaters, and the Portland Museum of Art. For the more adventurous, a short trip outside of city limits provides hiking opportunities and some of the most popular ski destinations in the Northeast.  For any traveling foodie or sightseer, Portland has something to offer!

Why Portland?

Portland Head Lighthouse & Fort Williams.jpg

The Old Port area is packed with plentiful dining opportunities, from early-morning cafés to popular weekend brunch spots to highly rated restaurants where you may find a varying global cuisine for lunch and dinner. There is simply not enough time to explore all that the Portland dining scene has to offer.  We live here and haven't managed to hit all the hot spots!

Excellent dining aside, Portland offers a variety of activities for both lone travelers and families. Year round or seasonal this can be anything from a ride on the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad to a Historical tour via horse and carriage, as well as a lively nightlife at local bars and pubs.
With Maine College of Art (MECA) nestled at its heart, Portland is overflowing with artistic individuals, culture, and entertainment. From galleries and museums to theatre and concerts, the city has plenty to offer in the way of artistic ventures!


From lively local Bars and Pubs to craft breweries and distilleries, Portland's nightlife is vibrant, artistic, and varied. Whether it be good drink and conversation at a pub, a night out dancing, a look into some of Portland's own breweries and distilleries, or a more refined cocktail in town to end the day, you are sure to find plenty of options within a short walking distance!

Portland is teaming with breweries and distilleries.  There are also a lot of good options available for touring them.  There are also some great distilleries that are definitely worth investigating and several are only a few blocks away!

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