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Asking the Real Questions

The question is simple: If you didn't have to worry about safety, would you rather be a little fish or a little frog?

The discourse is heating up amongst hostel guests as they communicate between tally marks and little comments. It is not an easy choice to make. But we challenge our guests at the black elephant hostel to really look inside themselves and make a decision- like when we ask them what their favorite movie is upon check in, or when they have to pick out their favorite mug in the morning.

At first, the decision might seem simple to you, but there are factors to consider.

  1. Your safety as a fish or a frog is not at risk- this makes life far less stressful

  2. As a fish you could explore the vastness of the ocean, but as a frog you have access to both water AND land

  3. Which body do you feel you would have the most fun in?

  4. What would your diet consist of, and are you okay with that?

With all of these things to consider it is a wonder that our guests have chosen at all. What would you choose?

This lovely article is provided to you by BE Staff Member- Sadie Clover

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