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Enjoyment Attracts Company

By Staff Member- Sadie Clover

Oftentimes we get asked if we coordinate events as a hostel– the answer is… we try. Unlike some hostels we do not have weekly events, or pub crawls, but we do occasionally try to set something up. The problem is, sometimes the event is a flop. Not because we did not plan for it correctly, or we came up with a lame idea, but because our guests often already have their own plans. Most people come to Portland to eat dinner, see shows, visit friends… not to hang out with our staff– no matter how lovely we may be.

So we have recently taken a new approach to events– we do them for ourselves. We have found that if you are having fun people are drawn to the fun.

We have staff cookouts that people slowly join, due to the food or the company. By the end of the night we have a kitchen or garden full of guests eating and exchanging stories.

We have movie nights where we all cozy up on the daybed with snacks and blankets. As we watch, more often than not, people will slowly fill up the remaining couches to watch along with us. Most recently we are hosting Monday night movie nights where we watch the Twilight series since one of our staff members has not seen them before. We are on movie #3 and you might be surprised how many guests are excited to watch along.

We coordinate events that fuel our curiosity. Our staff member, Scott, became intrigued with a 117 ounce can of baked beans that had been sitting in our free section of our cupboard. He decided to take action and hosted a Franks and Beans night. What does this consist of? He cooked the whole can (more like a bucket) of beans and prepped some hot dogs and buns. We advertised the night and were hopeful for a turn out.

After all, who doesn't like free food? But when the time came, no one wanted the franks or beans. Alas, we were all alone, but we did not let this stop us from enjoying the night– we persisted and roasted the hot-dogs over the fire and ate our beans. Eventually more of our staff joined us with a veggie option, and it became more of a cookout with people joined in on. Our staff continued to enjoy the beans in the days to come.

Currently we have a mountain of smores materials that we are eager to use with our new indoor smores making machine, and we might be making Mexican hot chocolate for our next Twilight movie night. And while we hope guests will join us in the fun, we will enjoy ourselves regardless.

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