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The Many Elephants of the Hostel

Why we are named the Black Elephant Hostel is a story for another time, but we are certainly fond of elephants as reflected in our lobby space. Below are a few of the many elephants you can find tucked away in various nooks and spaces! Each year we come upon one or two lucky elephants that make the cut into our groovy little herd.

If you take a moment to chill in our book nook, you will be accompanied by this cheerful brass elephant- whose twin lives in the next window over.

Keeping watch over our food and brews book.

These little black elephants can be found in our lobby window and on our little side table near the front desk

On our kitchen table dwells a motley crew. A black elephant with mighty tusks, flanked by two brightly colored salt and pepper shakers, and accompanied by our trusty expo marker frog.

Finally we have this little guy. I am not sure if he is happy or sad, but he is certainly a cutie.

Perhaps you might find some new elephants during your stay!

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