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The Chalkboard wall

The chalkboard wall lives in our back stairwell and it extends all the way up to the fourth floor. Each year it is filled with new art, odes to lovers, and little stories about guests' time in Portland- and every year it is unique.

As our high season comes to a close we are getting closer to that time of year where we give the hostel some needed TLC after a busy few months of being awesome. Which means soon the chalkboard wall will be erased so it can be filled with more beautiful artwork and memories next year!


Before we get around to wiping all these masterpieces away, I thought I could share a few of my favorite chunks of the wall :)

Our very first floor tends to be the hotspot of art. It is where the chalk is most accessible and we suspect that our guests get inspired by each other's work to make their most magical and colorful work

As we go up it gets a bit more sparse, but here are some of my favorites so far.

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